About Me

I’m Kaleigh, but my friends call me Kales. Yep, just like the food. And no, I don’t like kale, but I still eat it since apparently it’s “crazy good for you!” I’m a wife, dog mom x 2, Jesus lover, coffee addict, cheap wine connoisseur, wannabe fitness fanatic and lifestyle blogger. 

I was born and raised in Houston, Texas, found my way to College Station and am now settled in North Austin with my new hubby. So, obviously I love all things Texas. Chips and salsa is a food group, and I don’t care what anybody says. 

I’m at this whole new chapter in life where I get to explore my career, create a beautiful home, travel and dream. And all of that is incredible, but sometimes it’s a little overwhelming. So I think it’s time to get back to the Living Part of Life. The part where you do something just because you love it. The part where you laugh out loud and cry uncontrollably during that movie and maybe even drink that second glass of wine on a work night. The part where you sit in the absolute quiet and just hear yourself think for once. The part where you put it all down, all of it, and take in the absolute wonders of your life.

So, here’s to a journey back to the living part of life. The trying, failing, dreaming big, loving, laughing, hopelessly messy, fearless living part of life. 

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And remember what Chanel says, “Don’t be like the rest of them, darling.”