It’s Not Running Away

I am so excited to create the Living Part of Life to explore the things that bring joy and simplicity to my life and to inspire all of you brilliant and strong ladies to join me on this journey so that we can live our fullest and most joy-filled lives.
How often do you find yourself chasing material things, keeping up with the next celeb trend and longing for that carefree insta-worthy international jaunt? How many times have you wanted to just run away?
When was the last time you looked up and realized that a week, a month, heck, even year had flown by and you have no idea where it went? Time is supposed to fly when you’re having fun, not when your flying around trying desperately to check the boxes off that endless to do list.
If you’re as guilty of this as I am, then I suppose 2018 should be the year of intentions. So, I’ll start there. But, what exactly is intentional living?
It’s the why in your life. In it’s simplest terms, intentional living is all about focusing on what matters and forgetting the rest. It’s not running away, it’s running, full speed ahead, towards your purpose filled, vision inspired life.
“It’s not running away, it’s running, full speed ahead, towards your purpose filled, vision inspired life.”
Essentially, it’s a roadmap. I get it, it sounds daunting. It takes practice, but that practice is so worth waking up and feeling like you belong in the life you’re living rather than just surviving in the one you you’ve been handed.
So, here are 5 Tips to Living an Intentional Life.
1. Create your own roadmap
Grab yourself a pen and paper and start with a list of categories in your life (i.e. health, relationships, career, finances, spirituality, recreation). Now outline a vision or two for each of those categories. For example: To achieve financial freedom as my own boss so I can stay home with my future children and have a more flexible lifestyle with my husband.
2. Create goals for each category in your life
Now, I now that sounds confusing. You just listed your visions, but there is a difference. Your goals are how you are going to get from where you currently are to where you will be (your visions). Be specific, set a timeline, and make those goals measurable.
3. Set action steps for those goals
With all these goals and visions, things can get overwhelming. Simplify your goals into weekly and/or monthly steps to keep you on track. Think of it as the step by step instructions on your GPS. You might get to your end location by winging it and changing up your route, but if you follow the directions, you’ll get there faster and with less frustration.
4. Simplify your life
You know those gorgeous Pinterest photos of the perfectly staged homes? Have you ever seen a week’s worth of mail on the table, dishes piled in the sink, and clothes on the floor? Nope! Aim to create a home that is organized and simplified. Clean out the junk. File away the mail. And donate or sell all of those items you haven’t used in the last six months. I promise, it will be worth it! Your head will feel clearer and soon you’ll start to see a shift in your mindset. The material things will become less important and the memories you create will soon become your priority.
5. Be present over perfect
Recognize that phrase? If not, you definitely need to check out Shauna Niequist’s book, Present Over Perfect. It’s a witty, raw and truthful series of essays helping you navigate a life lived wholly and present with an emphasis on connection, love and grace. It’s so easy to get caught up in trying to appear perfect, constantly trying to live up to unrealistic standards and then feeling like a complete and utter failure. Because, no one can actually do that all day, every day. So, grab yourself a copy of Present Over Perfect, cozy up and get your read on. I promise, it will change your life.
As you practice intentional living, you’ll find that your days are less of an obligation and more of a joy! Go on, be joyful, boss babe and start running towards.

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